Labor Pain What's Your Best Strategy Henci Goer

Take Charge of Your Birth Series

Labor Pain

What’s your best strategy?

Get the data. Make a plan. Take charge of your birth.



Delivers up-to-date access to the best medical research.



Enables you to decide what’s right for you.



Lays out the pros and cons of all your options.



Gives recommendations to help you make and implement your plan.



Explains the arguments behind the controversies.

Has Your Back

Has Your Back

You’ll know what you want, why you want it, and how best to get it.

Henci Goer

I want to help you take charge of your birth.

You want a safe, satisfying birth. That starts with making the decisions that are right for you. 

I can help. I can give you access to the best medical research so that you have the data on the pros and cons of all your options.

Once you know what you want, you’ll need a plan. That means understanding how to set things up in your favor so that things go smoothly at the birth.

I can help with that too. I can provide practical strategies for developing your plan and putting it into action. 

You can’t control your birth, but you can take charge. Let me help you take charge of your birth.

Take Charge of Your Birth

The first in Henci’s new Take Charge of Your Birth Series, Labor Pain: What’s Your Best Strategy? delivers up-to-date access to the best medical research and provides the most thorough synthesis on the market. It gives you practical strategies for developing your plan and putting it into action. You’re the best person to decide what’s right for you. Here’s your opportunity to get the data. Make a plan. And TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BIRTH! Also available in audiobook.

Labor Pain What's Your Best Strategy Henci Goer

What People Are Saying

She has done it again! The author has synthesized the current data on the various strategies for getting through labor with the joy of birth intact. Her critical analysis is thick with data to support her position, yet it is presented in a balanced and readable form with lots of opportunity for those who want to “dive deep” into the scientific literature if they wish, as they become increasingly sophisticated about their upcoming birth. Thus, it’s a book to read and re-read before birth, and even after your birth as you prepare for your possible next.

MICHAEL C. KLEIN CM, MD, FCFP CCFP FAAP (neonatal-perinatal)
Emeritus Professor, Family Practice & Pediatrics
University of British Columbia
Sr. Scientist Emeritus, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Vancouver
Author of Dissident Doctor—catching babies and challenging the medical status quo

I have long been an admirer of Henci Goer. Henci's understanding of the complexities of the culture of maternity care in the USA and how these issues interlink with what we do and don't know about obstetric interventions is unparalleled. Henci explains the issues and the evidence with clarity, honesty, and humour. This book is a great resource for your birth planning toolkit.

Midwife, Author, Speaker, Researcher and Director of the Birth Information Project

Henci Goer has done it again! This book is not just for expecting moms, it’s for the entire birth team. As a doula and childbirth educator, I am constantly in awe at Henci’s ability to present evidence in a non-judgmental way. I’ll be recommending this book with zero hesitation to all of my clients and students for years to come.


Henci Goer, a trusted advocate for women's autonomy in childbirth, shares her wealth of knowledge in this judgment-free, easy-to-read guide to labor pain. Pregnant people and their support networks will find valuable, fact-based information to help them make sense of the research on coping with labor pain. As the series title implies, this book will empower women with data to confidently take charge of their birth.

Editor-in-Chief JOGNN (Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing

Henci’s superpower is taking super detailed (and frankly boring!) birth evidence and translating it into something easily understood by parents. This book is no exception! She gives you the information you need in a straightforward and approachable way, and then she walks you through the pros and cons of each option. In our years as doulas we’ve seen that women rarely receive all the information they need in order to make an informed decision.  No more!  This little book gives you everything you need to keep your power and make decisions that are best for your body, your birth and your baby. Well done, Henci!

Childbirth Educators

Reading Labor Pain: What’s Your Best Strategy? is like having a conversation with a wise, knowledgeable caring friend. Goer presents pain relief options and then, simply but in great depth, the evidence-based benefits and risks of each option. Part of the reason that I found it so helpful is the way in which it was written, the very first thing that I look for is bias. Like a trusted friend she emphasizes, over and over, that decisions on managing labor pain are personal. A must read for not only childbearing women but for those who care for them!

Associate Editor Journal of Perinatal Education
Co-author of Giving Birth with Confidence

I am so thankful I found this book. I loved listening to the audible. It’s a short listen. It was very informative and to the point. I especially enjoyed the deeper dive sections. I now feel confident and educated on my intentions for dealing with labor pain during birth.